fwxk-technologyComprehensive Relief for Withers and Spine.

It’s so much better than a hole in the pad…. As most great ideas go, Fleeceworks patent pending technology is quite simple: A cross elastic band (elastic that stretches vertically rather than horizontally) effectively acts as a shock absorber, taking the rotational pull off the shoulder before any pressure can reach the sensitive spine and wither areas.

The horse’s shoulder movement can pull a normal pad down so that it lies quite taut over the withers and some area of the spine. In the worst cases this can create pressure points at the base the withers, of cutting off blood flow.

A cut out still has a beginning point and an end point. Both these points lie over potentially sensitive areas and can cause pressure points. Please also consider that the position of the wither is different in every horse relative to the position of the hole in a saddle pad. So, how effective can a cut out really be?

To comprehensively protect your horse’s entire topline, the solution is FXK.

Simple. Effective. Fleeceworks.