fiber-matrixThe most common cause of back injuries in horses is ill-fitting saddles, closely followed by muscle injuries due to overheating. The need for thermal balance cannot be overstated. In order for a muscle to operate at its peak it must cool itself constantly. If excess heat cannot be pulled away, and/or gets blocked by materials that do not breathe (such as gel and some closed-cell foam), this heat will radiate back into the already overheated muscle.

While high-tech fabrics, such as Coolmax were engineered to draw heat and moisture away, they lose their effectiveness as soon as they get wet. Sheepskin and wool can hold thirty percent of its weight in water before it even starts to feel wet, thus being able to transport excess heat away from the muscle much longer.

Fleeceworks new range of 100% Merino Wool pads with Perfect Balance Technology offer excellent thermal balancing properties. Since wool’s ability to provide pressure point relief is limited, we have added our Perfect Balance Technology to these pads. With the added full inserts made from visco “elastic foam” our wool pads deliver a complete protective pad. Optional Front and Rear inserts allow you to customize your saddle fit.