Fleeceworks Technologies

Fleeceworks is the proud owner of several proprietary technologies that were created with your horse's comfort in mind. We are proud to offer these to you; and are happy to help with any questions that you may have about which technology is the best fit for your equine athlete. 

What is Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Technology?

Fleeceworks™ Perfect Balance Technology combines pure Australian Sheepskin, the option of three different insert materials and a patent pending design to make the Perfect Balance Pad an essential piece of equipment for every horse and rider.

KEEP? Fleeceworks™ PJ Pad was developed in close collaboration with internationally known equestrian Pierre Jolicoeur for his range of saddles. Finely calibrated to offer maximum protection without an inch of bulk, the PJ pad is cut to provide the essential protective layer. The PJ pad offers wither relief with a traditional cut-out. It also comes with a removable rear riser made from high-tech Visco-Elastic material.



What is Fleeceworks FXK Technology?

Fleecework's FXK Technology is the inclusion of an elastic band that runs vertically over the top of the saddle pad to comprehensively protect your horse’s entire topline. This patent pending technology is a cross elastic band that acts as a shock absorber, taking rotational pull off the horse's shoulder before any pressure can reach the sensitive spine and wither areas. Some horse’s shoulder movement can pull a normal pad down so that it lies taut over the withers and some area of the spine. In the worst cases this can create pressure points at the base the withers, and interrupt blood flow. Some address this with a saddle pad with a wither cut out. But, a cut out still has a beginning point and an end point. Both these points lie over potentially sensitive areas and can cause pressure points. Consider that the position of the wither is different in every horse relative to the position of the hole in a saddle pad. How effective can a cut out really be?

The FXK elastic is the same technology and material used in medical and orthopedic equipment. It is woven so that it moves in only one way and direction – it gives with the movement of the horse and it gives over the horse’s withers. Fleeceworks offers both full pads and half pads in the FXK line. 



What are the Advantages of Sheepskin, Therawool, and Bamboo?

Sheepskin is extremely dense and absorbs a lot of moisture. 

Therawool: Some people prefer Therawool for two main reasons: it dries faster and it’s about 30% less expensive than sheepskin. If you’re on a budget, Therawool is a great option. 

Bamboo is the easiest natural fiber to care for—it can go in the washer and dryer (score!). Bamboo is well loved for it’s moisture wicking and antibacterial properties. Recent technologies have dramatically increased the use of bamboo fiber. Fleecework’s bamboo is pulped and pressed into sheets that look like felt, which is a more pure form of bamboo. It’s the liner of our bamboo pads. With Fleecework's bamboo pads and wraps Flannel – you are putting the natural fiber between you and your horse. There is no foam or plastic.

What kinds of wool are there and what kinds does Fleeceworks use?

There are different sheep around the world. At Fleeceworks, we use merino wool sheep which are thought to have the finest sheepskin in the world. Sheepskin is assessed and categorized for different purposes–some are intended for carpet, some are used to make shoes and boots and some are better suited as saddle pads.

What is Therawool?

Therawool is a blend of merino and merino cross. Our Therawool better because often other wools will turn into big hard knots – Therawool won’t do this because it’s a proprietary blend.