Our Viral Facebook Post on the 10, 15 and 20 Meter Circle...


10, 20 and 30 meter circleLast week, we shared this "Tuesday Tip," an image of how 10, 15 and 20 meter circles are laid out in the ring. We found the image on @walkaboutnation. The original post stated: "With show season getting into full swing, a reminder: geometry and accuracy are so important! Don't lose points because you don't know where a circle should be - or that it should be round!"
This post had more likes, comments and shares than any other post in Fleecework's Facebook history! 

Why? The majority of the comments were riders tagging other rides to share the graphic. Comments ranged from: 

Trisha Schmid who said, "Thank you! Who knew that 9th grade geometry would have a lasting impact in my life!" to

Laure Peters Radloff  who said, "I've learned so much about how to ride a true circle by lunging my horse in my sand/Equiloft footing when it's freshly watered. He scribes a perfect circle and then I ride it later when mounted, it's more outside rein than I thought:)."

I love the dialogue and sharing this post created. Good riding requires the ability to visualize how the horse is moving and what your various body parts are doing--sometimes at a volume that is beyond our momentary ability to visualize! The visuals here really hit home! Let us know how it's impacted your ride and show prep! Visit our Facebook page! 

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  • Elizabeth Howell