Young Riders Not the Only Ones Excited for Rebecca Farm & Montana


July, 2018--Nine young eventers, including Fleeceworks rider Maddy Tempkin are making a return trip to Rebecca Farm in Montana in just a few weeks to represent Are VI in the North American Junior/Young Rider Championships, known as NAJYRC. Congratulations to Brianna Maroney, Kaitlin Vosseller, Rachel McGregor, Sophie Tice, Lisa Takada, Kaley Sapper, Maddy Tempkin and Delaney Vaden. Fleeceworks is proud to support the Area VI team.

It’s no small task to keep horses healthy and safe while traveling and competing at this level and handling the summer heat.

We’re heading to Montana too in support of Halt Cancer at X and to enjoy the great competition. Long trips with horses require good planning and packing! Here are a few Fleeceworks items to consider to make your next long horse haul easier and safer: Easy Care Bamboo Leg Wraps ($26), Halter Fleece available in 4, 6 and 9 piece sets ($52), Easy Care Bamboo Baby Pads for a cool, quick-drying layer next to your horse’s skin ($28) and Easy Care Bamboo slippers for comfort at the end of a very long day ($10)! To field a team of four intermediate level young riders to represent each area of the country at the two-star level at the North American Junior and Young Riders Championship.



    “I went to Young Riders as a groom in 2014 and then went the following year and competed on the 1* team, finishing fifth individually. I also went last year, 2017, and competed on the 2* team finishing fourth individually. I was lucky enough to be able to compete at both of these championships on my horse of a lifetime, Kingslee. Being apart of our Areas Young Rider program has been a big part of who I am today. I have met wonderful lifelong friends and made so many lasting memories. It is an incredible program with not only incredible people involved, but incredible people who run it.”

    spring event at woodside this May in the open intermediate division

    Source: June Newsletter AreaVI 

    Within the past year, the Area VI selectors have been deciding which riders will travel to Montana for this year’s NAYRC competition. Their decisions were based off of many different categories including the individual’s performance in competitions, their horse soundness, and their willingness to help in Area VI’s fundraising. With much consideration, Area VI will be sending a very talented group of girls for both the CCI1* and the CIC2** divisions. The team members and individual competitors will be decided after the first horse inspection in Montana. Listed below are all of the girls who are planned to travel this year to Young Riders and a few words that they have regarding the program. CCI* Competitors Rachael McGregor riding C

    PC: Callan Weiss

    The North American Junior & Young Rider Championship (NAJRYC) Discipline of Eventing (now known as the North American Junior Championship (NAJC) and CICOY Nations Cup), takes place July 18-22, 2018 at the Event at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, Montana.

    About the Young Rider Program
    The Young Rider program is offered through the USEA for riders twenty-one years of age and younger of all levels of riding. The purpose of the program is to encourage our younger members to become involved in the sport of Eventing and continue this involvement into their adult lives. Our organization seeks to promote a love of the sport, as well as an appreciation and understanding of the horse while fostering the wonderful relationship that can develop between horse and rider. Further, involvement in this program helps to instill important moral values, such as responsibility and work ethic, as young riders grow into mature adults.


    • To encourage and support the sport of eventing in competitors twenty-one years of age and younger.
    • To make young riders aware of educational opportunities - coaching, course walks, clinics, camps, etc.
    • To promote good sportsmanship and the facilitation of working as a team member.
    • To develop respect for the horse, without whom the sport is not possible.
    • To field a team of four intermediate level young riders to represent each area at the two-star level at the North American Junior and Young Riders Championship.
    • To field a team of four preliminary level young riders to represent each area at the one-star level at the North American Junior and Young Riders Championship.
    • To field teams to compete at other Young Riders national championships.
    • To field a national team to represent the United States, through the NGB, at the European Young Riders Championships.
    • To develop camaraderie among young riders, thus, hopefully, developing life long friendships and a commitment to the sport, which will be carried on as members of the US Team, volunteers at local events, coaches, trainers, competitors, and consumers of equine products.

    For more information visit USEA.

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    • Elizabeth Howell